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Divine Heresy 2.0 Changes Name to The Westfield Massacre, Releases Debut Single

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Westfield MassacreIn September, we enjoyed a delightful spate of confusion when former Divine Heresy vocalist Tommy Vext (who was the singer for Snot until this all got announced) and former Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung (who is also the drummer for Morbid Angel) announced they were reviving Divine Heresy, only for current Divine Heresy guitarist Dino Cazares (who is also the guitarist for Fear Factory) to be like “Oh no you’re not!” and current Divine Heresy vocalist Travis Neal (who is also the bus boy for The Olive Garden) to be like “Can I get you some more tap water?”

And while I was optimistic that this would lead to a highly-entertaining two-bands-with-the-same-name situation, for better or worse, this is not to be: the Vext and Yeung version of Divine Heresy will now be known as The Westfield Massacre (which is either a reference to Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, who attended Westfield High School in Virginia, or, more likely, a fictional school shooting from the television show American Horror Story).  So The Westfield Massacre will at least be able to put the words “Featuring Former Members of Divine Heresy” on their album sticker, which should help sell no copies.

The band also features Jon Oliva’s Pain guitarist Bill Hudson, who is temporarily taking a break from The World’s Saggiest Moobs competition to participate in TWM.Bill Hudson Floppy Moobs

Meanwhile, Scar the Martyr’s Kyle Konkiel will play bass for the band during pre-pro, but is apparently not a permanent member.

Metal Injection has debuted The Westfield Massacre’s first song, “Darkness Divides.” It sounds ten or twelve years behind current trends, but maybe with NWOAHM bands currently dropping like flies, TWM can fill a hole in the metal scene (“He said ‘fill a hole,’ heh-heh-heh!”)

I don’t know why I’m being such a dick about this band. Tommy Vext is a perfectly nice guy, and Tim Yeung never did anything to me besides play drums on one of the most reviled metal albums in history. So I guess this is the part where I wish The Westfield Massacre the best of luck, and sincerely hope that they make me eat my hat at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Keep up with the band via Facebook.

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