Watch Ex-Job for a Cowboy Drummer Jon “Charn” Rice Fill-In for Revocation, and former The Faceless Guitarist Wes Hauch Fill-In for Thy Art is Murder

  • Axl Rosenberg


Here are two stories which have no real relationship other than that they involve talented dudes temporarily taking a spot in popular bands.

First up: former Job for a Cowboy/current Scorpion Child/occasional The Red Chord drummer Jon “Charn” Rice is currently filling-in with Revocation for Phil Dubois-Coyne, who is suffering from a broken arm. No one who is the least bit familiar with Charn will be surprised to learn that he slays it. Check out video of Revocharnation below:

Meanwhile, Wes Hauch, former guitarist for The Faceless, is now playing with Thy Art is Murder, filling-in for I dunno/don’t care who, who is missing for reasons I also dunno/don’t care about. Hauch is an excellent guitar player, but this band is just THE WORST. If their music was a person, it would be deemed “special needs” and would require a full-time caretaker to tie its shoes for it.

I hear the band members are nice guys, though, so they’ve got that going for them.

Here’s video of Wes’ Art is Murder for ya:

Thanks: Huthaifa

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