In This Moment Celebrate First Major Label Video with Choreographed Dancing


There are two things I really, really like about “Sick Like Me,” In This Moment’s first video for the first single from their first major label albumBlack Widow.

One is the moment at the 1:11 mark when one of the guitarists (the one without dreadlocks) punches his guitar. Punching your guitar looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t actually produce any kind of pleasing sound. This seems like a perfect metaphor for the entirety of ITM’s existence.

The other thing I really like about the video is all the choreographed dancing. In This Moment’s transformation from a metal band into a pop act is now complete — and as a pop act, they really don’t bother me. Pop is already full of anonymous musicians and divas who are willing to distract their audience from their own mediocrity via the use of skimpy outfits. Pop is where In This Moment belong.

Atlantic Records will have the privilege and the pleasure of releasing Black Widow on November 17.

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