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Exclusive Track Debut: Job for a Cowboy’s “Eating the Visions of God”


Job for a Cowboy - Sun EaterJob for a Cowboy are the best kind of metal band: they’re never afraid to take risks, and, consequently, are forever divisive. The evolution from their Doom EP to 2012’s Demonocracy was so profound that you wouldn’t blame the band if their next album was just Demonocracy II — and yet, on their latest offering, Sun Eater, JFAC have pushed their ongoing creative evolution to the next level yet AGAIN. Sun Eater is as ferocious as anything the band has ever made, but also introduces new elements of doom metal to their traditional death metal sound, while being even more intricate and proggy than the band’s last album, Demonocracy. Indeed, Sun Eater is the kind of album which inspires kids to lock themselves in their room and devote their lives to mastering an instrument: Tony Sannicandro’s guitar skills continue to be completely unreal, Nick Schendzielos single-handedly proves the worth of a good bass player, vocalist Jonny Davy sounds both more natural and more vicious than he ever has before (and dude really deserves props for his lyrical phrasing, which flows like water acid), and studio drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, Uphill Battle) delivers a characteristically-brilliant performance.

So, needless to say, MetalSucks jumped at the chance to debut Sun Eater‘s opening track, “Eating the Visions of God.” Says Schendzielos of the song:

“This is the track we all decided we wanted to open the record. It’s massive, moody, and malignant, and is meant to be listened to directly followed by ‘Sun of Nihility’.”

Do what the man says, and stream “Eating the Visions of God” below, and then go listen to “Sun of Nihility” if you haven’t heard it yet (or even if you have — it also rules!). The two tracks represent but a mere flesh wound compared to the damage the entirety of Sun Eater will inflict. You’re gonna love it.

Sun Eater comes out November 11 on Metal Blade. Pre-order it here! You can also keep up with JFAC via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t forget to check out our new podcast interview with Schendzielos, too!!!

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