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Hide Your Children… There’s an All-Bass Metal Band!


All About That Bass! MetalMetal world, meet Extinction Level Event, a band comprised of three five-string bass players, a drummer and a vocalist. Extinction Level Event, meet the metal world, and all the vitriol contained therein. Ready for it?

Today is apparently Bass Day over at Gear Gods — see also the video we re-posted earlier in which studio madman Glenn Fricker heaps praise continues to shit upon four- and five-string slingers in metal bands — and now we get Extinction Level Event, who maybe (maybe?) might force Fricker to eat his words.

As Gear Gods writer Trey Xavier points out, “This was bound to happen, as guitars gain more and more low strings and the sonic territory of bass becomes more and more encroached upon, and now these three bassists have revolted and formed a No Guitars Allowed club.”

Check out the band’s lone track “Destroyer” below. Yes, it sounds a whole lot like Meshuggah… but that begs the question: if an act can achieve the same tones, vibe and feel without any guitars at all, why even bother? GUITARISTS, YOU’RE BECOMING OBSOLETE!! STEP IT UP!

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