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“Rejoice:” Devin Townsend Sounds Like Disturbed’s David Draiman Now


Devin Townsend / David DraimanBefore all you Devin fanboy dweebs get mad at me for even mentioning the revered Sir Townsend in the same sentence as Disturbed, know this: I would never seriously do such a thing!

Alright… maybe they do have a passing resemblance to one another. Battle of the baldies!

But you have to admit there’s a striking similarity between the chugged riff and vocal delivery in the verse of “Rejoice” from Devin Townsend’s Z2 — the new lyric video for which just came out via Kerrang — and everyone’s favorite ALL CAPS WRITING HEBREW SCHOLAR David Draiman (and his band Disturbed).

Or maybe Devin’s a massive Disturbed fan and this is his not-so-subtle tribute to them, ala Foo Fighters biting off Dio’s “Hoy Diver” in their new song. Who knows?

I could probably point to any number of Disturbed songs as examples, but here, this one was the first one that I found and it works just fine. Compare them back to back:

If anything, the fact that parts of both songs are so similar, and that Devin’s manages to rule while Disturbed’s… well, you know… goes to show how important the WAY something’s played is, and how crucial minor embellishments can be.

Z2 comes out on October 27th. Order it here (EU) and here (US). For US residents, Century Media is selling the entire double CD set for just $11 — get on it now before they change their minds!

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