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Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus

This summer, USA Basketball won the international tournament in Spain. I was pumped because it was a team of unproven young studs (not Lebron, Durant, and the big-timer Olympics squad) and because they went undefeated (via focus). And secretly, I was also pumped because their win means that pro basketball is ruled by America, where I’m an investor and fan. I love that!

Which also goes for Nightbringer: Okay sure, America doesn’t rule their sport (insanity black metal), and Nightbringer is a tenth-year player (unlike NBA rookies and sophomores), but their record Ego Dominus Tuus feels like a trophy-hoisting USA victory on the global stage of extreme metal. Sure, that stage is six feet long in a cave and that trophy is bloodstained, but still! Ego Dominus Tuus is huge! Cranking it, you keep reminding yourselves that Nightbringer is from Colorado — not from dark, weird, and/or frostbitten Europe — and if you don’t get why that’s a compliment, press play below. USA! USA! USA!

Nightbringer’s Ego Dominus Tuus came out at the end of September via Season Of Mist. Get it here and here

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