New Finnish Cough Drop Commercial Attempts to Appeal to Black Metal Vocalists


black metal cough drop commercialI’ve asked a lot of vocalists how they manage to scream so much without totally destroying their throats, because I’ve contributed gang vocals to a couple of recording sessions, and even shouting for just five or ten seconds at a time starts to be come an issue when you have to do it over and over again. But I’ve never really gotten a satisfactory answer; the best one any vocalist every offered me was, “You get used to it.” Even Frank Oz, the voice of the Cookie Monster himself (arguably the most influential metal vocalist of all time), says that talking that way hurts his voice.

So this Finnish commercial for cough drops is just, m’wah!, perfect. I mean, talk about exploiting a previously-untapped market! I’m shocked it took anyone this long to think of this. Chris Barnes has shilled for a used car lot — think of all the money he’s left on the table by not endorsing some particular brand of throat lozenges!

Check out the commercial below (via Metal Injection):


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