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All-Bass Metal Band Extinction Level Event Releases Bass-y New Track “Entropy”


All About That Bass! MetalThis week has unwittingly been Bass Week over at Gear Gods. Long ignored, often made fun of, arguably under-appreciated, bassists are finally getting their due for better or worse.

The show-stopper, of course, was this discovery of an all-bass metal band called Extinction Level Event. That’s an exaggeration, sure — the band has a drummer and a vocalist — but with three bassists and no guitarists, “all bass” seems like a fair enough mulligan. And now they’re back with a brand new song just a few short days later! Here’s “Entropy,” courtesy of Gear Gods once again:

The only problem is that it ends up being a bit underwhelming. It basically just sounds like Meshuggah with slightly less high-end, right? It’s fine, and the novelty factor is fun, but I would’ve hoped they could’ve experimented a bit more with all the sonics a bass can offer, let alone three. For large swaths of the song all three dudes are playing the same thing — give me some leads and rhythms!

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