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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: October 28, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

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Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of each week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


Dawnbringer Night of the HammerDawnbringer
Night Of The Hammer (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Nachtmystium, High Spirits, Ozzy Osbourne
Listen Night Of The Hammer full stream (here)

It’s so hard to be heavy and throwback when there’s a glut of new bands trying either one or the other. What Night Of The Hammer does, though, is make nostalgia feel fresh! You get classic riffage, simple styles, and vocals o’ yore which make for great driving and/or fucking music. This is one of those albums which inspires involuntary headbanging without the try-hard insanity that similar bands utilize. Same dude as this awesome band.


Unearth Watchers of RuleUnearth
Watchers Of Rule (eOne)
On a playlist with: Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour, It Dies Today
Read Kip Wingerschmidt MetalSucks review (here)
Listen “The Swarm” (here) Guards Of Contagion” (here)

Want to know anything and everything about the new Unearth record? Well, read our review. I’ll add this: Unearth was one of my first metal bands, with Slayer and Lamb Of God. They have a special place in my heart — I was instantly sold on the hyper-core riffage and punchy vocals and those hooky feels. So I know. This new jam is everything you’d want from an Unearth album, nothing more and nothing less.


WhiteWorm Cathedral (Season of Mist)
On a playlist with: Pungent Stench, Autopsy, Mortician
Listen WhiteWorm Cathedral full stream (here)

Necrophagia offers up old skool with the modern post-production guitarwork we all pretend to hate. There haven’t been any recent releases quite so fucking heavy in the riff department. There certainly haven’t been any lateley which sound so purely metal.


hideous divinityHideous Divinity
Cobra Verde (Unique Leader)
On a playlist with: Hour Of Penance, Odious Mortem, Spawn Of Possession
Listen “Cobra Verde” (here)

Blackened technical death with just the right amount of pretension. Sounds good, no? Hideous Divinity might be a new name in your lexicon, but bringing you fresh jams weekly is what STCOT is all about! You should feel that little hng inside your gut when you rock Cobra Verde, not only cause it’s sparkling clean, but also because it’s not your mommy’s death metal.


Poison Everything (Southern Lord)
On a playlist with: Alpha & Omega, Poison Idea, Black Mountain
Listen Poison Everything full stream (here)

Are you ever bothered by those albums with a ton of two-minute songs? Like, feeling the need for more? Now, Poison Everything makes a strong fucking case for the short-form way of doing things. You’ll get punky and hardcore vibes, but that’s not the point — pay attention to the paper-shearing, distinctively California vocals instead. Good shit among the wave of death-y releases this week!


Anaal Nathrakh - DesideratumAnaal Nathrakh
Desideratum (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Belphegor, Mistriss, Fukpig
Read Sammy O’Hagar MetalSucks review (here)
Listen Desideratum full stream (here)

Some things are best left to the pros. Anaal Nathrakh have been at it for thousands of years (so it seems), and their brand of sonic insanity hasn’t aged a bit. There’s some Element X about their onslaught — whether it’s the sickened insanity akin to Ulcerate or the earthiness that Lord Mantis has co-opted. Regardless, Desideratum is a must-listen.



Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence» Abysmal Dawn Obsolescence (Relapse) listen read
Aeonsgate Pentalpha (The Church Within) listen
All Hell The Devil’s Work (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
Annihilated XIII Steps To Ruination (Unique Leader) listen
As Blood Runs Black Ground Zero (Standby) listen listen
At The Gates At War With Reality (Century Media) listen read
Astral Doors Notes From The Shadows (Metalville) listen
Atriarch An Unending Pathway (Relapse) listen listen
BloodfreakBeyond Creation Earthborn Evolution (Season of Mist) listen
Black Map …And We Explode (Minus Head) listen
Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides (Lava/Republic) listen listen
» Blood Freak Squalor (Willowtip) listen
Blood God Blood Is My Trademark (Massacre) listen
» Crobot Something Supernatural (Wind-Up) listen
The Crown “Headhunter”/”Unfit Earth” (Century Media) listen
» Deserted Fear Kingdom Of Worms (FDA Rekotz) listen
CrobotDevin Townsend Project Z2 (Inside Out) listen listen read
Emit Spectre Music Of An Antiquary reissue (Crucial Blast) listen
Eyes Of Mara Eyes Of Mara (Imminence) listen listen
Flaming Tusk Inquistor (self-released) listen
Generation Of Vipers Coffin Wisdom (Translation Loss) listen
» Giant Squid Minoans (Translation Loss) listen
Horrified Descent Into Putridity (Memento Mori) listen
In Faith There’s A Storm Coming (Rocktopia) listen
Kattah Lapis Lazuli (Bakerteam) listen
Deserted FearLatitude Egress To Take Up The Cross (Art of Propaganda) listen
Mind Maze Back From The Edge (Inner Wound) listen listen
Mob Rules Timekeeper box (SPV) listen listen
Mysticum Planet Satan (Peaceville) listen
Nero Di Marte Derivae (Prosthetic) listen read
Nick Oliveri’s Uncontrollable Leave Me Alone (Schnitzel) listen
No Mercy Widespread Bloodshed (Love Runs Red) reissue (Suicidal) listen
Obituary Inked In Blood (Relapse) listen
GIANT SQUID MINOANS_cover-with-logo-608x624Oraculum Sorcery Of The Damned (Invictus) listen
Pianos Become The Teeth Keep You (Epitaph) listen
Requiem The Unexplainable Truth (Cleopatra) listen
Riot V Unleash The Fire (SPV) listen
Sister Sin Black Lotus (Victory) listen listen
Spider Kitten Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree. (Undergroove) listen
Spiders & Snakes Year Of The Snake (Sansei) listen
Tantal Expectancy (Bakerteam) listen
WIzard Rifle2 Wolves Shelter (Inverse) listen
Vesania Deus Ex Machina (Metal Blade) listen
Witchmaster Antichristus Ex Utero (Osmose) listen
» Wizard Rifle Here In The Deadlights (Seventh Rule) listen


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