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Full Album Stream: Generation of Vipers’ Coffin Wisdom Has Bite

  • Axl Rosenberg

Generation of Vipers - Coffin WisdomThe cover for Coffin Wisdom, the new album from Knoxville, TN’s Generation of Vipers, isn’t exactly a Rorschach test: any child could predict that the scary fuckin’ dog with huge teeth is about to make that hand his chew toy.

What you couldn’t possibly know unless you listen to Coffin Wisdom, though, is that once that fucker sinks his teeth in, he’s not gonna tear it to shreds. No no no, that would make the suffering of the hand’s owner go by far too quickly. Instead, that lil’ doggie is just gonna clamp down and chill. The hand’s pain will last for a prolonged period of time, until someone kills that dog, and maybe even longer, depending on how far into the flesh the teeth have sunk. The hand will never even think of touching another animal every again.

And that’s Coffin Wisdom in a nutshell: acidic hardcore that burns slowly. The music on Coffin Wisdom won’t take your head off, but that’s not the record’s goal. Generation of Vipers wants you to really feel the hurt, to crawl through the desert, slowly dying of thirst, to put your head in a vice which will be tightened only once a day so it’ll be Christ knows how long ’til you’re out of your misery.

What a bunch of heartless, nasty motherfuckers.

No wonder I dig this album so much.

Stream Coffin Wisdom below. The album is out now on Translation Loss. Get it here.

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