Harry Potter is a Megadeth Fan

  • Axl Rosenberg

harry potter loves megadeth

Okay, so, maybe Harry Potter doesn’t love Megadeth — I don’t know, I can’t recall J.K. Rowling ever getting into specifics about The Boy Who Survived’s musical preferences — but it would seem that the actor who played him, Daniel Radcliffe, is a fan. He’s out on the press circuit right now promoting his new flick, Horns, in which a plays a dude who sprouts the titular growths following the mysterious death of his girlfriend — which is certainly a metal enough plot! — and Gigwise asked him what music, if any, he used to get into character. His answer?

“[Megadeth’s] ‘Sweating Bullets’, specifically for the lines ‘Hello me, It’s me again / You can subdue but never tame me” and “A dark black past is my / Most valued possession”. It’s an insane song and it sounds like a pyschopath talking to himself… and that was very helpful.”

Which is pretty funny, ’cause if Radcliffe wanted to know what it sounds like when a psychopath talks to himself, he could have just listened to any Dave Mustaine interview from the past fifteen years. Rimshot!

ANYWAY, I leave you with this fun fact: Radcliffe was three years old when “Sweating Bullets” was released, on Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction. That doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to dig the song, of course. I’m just trying to make you feel old.


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