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Spawn of Possession “Church of Deviance” Banjo Cover: Okay I’m Over It

  • Axl Rosenberg

spawn of possession banjoThe same way I eventually got bored of Andy Rehfeldt’s Disneyfied versions of metal songs and metallicized versions of Disney songs, I am now over Rob Scallon’s banjo covers. It’s not that they’re bad or anything — it’s just that the joke has gotten old now.

So hopefully, his latest and most complex banjo cover, of Spawn of Possession’s “Church of Deviance,” will be his last. I mean, it’s not like the dude has no other talents — from his experiment in down-tuning to his metal song written entirely in binary code to his “Metal in Inappropriate Places” video, he’s proven that he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Maybe it’s time to start concentrating on those.

[via Gear Gods]

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