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Get Proggy and Weird with Consider the Source’s New Jam


Consider the Source

Over four years ago we told you about a band from NYC called Consider the Source. In the time since that post was written, jazz fusion with a metal element, or metal with a bit of a jazz fusion element —  either of which loosely describes Consider the Source’s music — has blown the fuck up. If you’d have told me in 2010 that bands as out there as Animals as Leaders, T.R.A.M. and Trioscapes would go on to establish viable footing in the metal community I would’ve looked at you funny.

Maybe the current state of metal’s proggier climes is just right for Consider the Source to catch on in our scene. They’ve done most of their touring in the jam band circuit, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it, but once you hear guitarist Gabriel Marin get his shred on in the new song “Put Another Rock in That Bag” you’ll understand why these guys are getting ink on a metal website. This stuff isn’t for everyone, sure, but those of you who are into exploring the more experimental sides of the prog spectrum will surely dig it.

New album World War Trio is a three-disc epic being released in two parts: disc one, an EP containing the six-movement, 25-minute prog-rock saga “Put Another Rock in that Bag” (of which the “Single Edit” is posted above), came out on Halloween. Discs two and three will arrive as a double album early 2015. The EP features a section written by Jan Zehrfeldt of Panzerballet.

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