Tortured Saint Become Second Metal Band in History to Include Twerking in Their Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

tortured saint twerkOur pal Glenn Fricker‘s Spectre Media Group produced this video for Tortured Saint‘s “At the Gavel,” which just so happens to feature some ladies twerking (and doing various sensual things with poles). Consequently, some may be tempted to accuse Tortured Saint of aping Mastodon, who released their own twerk-tastic video last month. But I’m guessing it’s just a case of great minds thinking alike — the time frame between the production of the two videos is so close together, I doubt anyone involved in the Saint clip had even seen the Mastodon one yet when they made this.

Besides, there’s room in the history books for both videos: Mastodon may have made the first metal video to include twerking, but Tortured Saint made the first metal video to include white girls with less badonkadonk twerking.

Check out Tortured Saint’s “At the Gavel” below. I guess you should consider it NSFW even though there’s no nudity, on account of, y’know, the booty-shaking and pole dancing and what have you. But it is worth watching, regardless of your feelings regarding the use of women in the clip — the song is really catchy. It’s kinda like a hybrid of Pantera and The Black Dahlia Murder. Watch:

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