Watch: The Foo Fighters Wore Corpse Paint for Halloween and Covered “War Pigs”

Photo Caption: bjhinbna's Instagram
Photo Caption: bjhinbna’s Instagram

Fact: Dave Grohl is a certifiable badass and an unabashed metal fan.

Was there even a shred of doubt that the riff in the new Foo Fighters song “Something From Nothing” was a direct homage/tribute — or, if you’re being more sinister, “rip off” — of Dio’s “Holy Diver?” Given Dave Grohl’s many past ties to metal it should’ve been obvious it came from a genuine place, but if you’re still a non-believer you can tear that last shred of doubt right up: at the band’s concert in Nashville this past Friday night, Halloween, all of the members donned corpse paint (originally and lulzily dubbed “KISS Make-up” by Consequence of Sound). And hey, that’s Dave Grohl wearing a friggin’ Voivod shirt. Are you convinced yet?

Zac Brown joined the band on stage for a reprise of their cover of  Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” originally performed on Letterman — watch some fan-filmed footage of that below, as well as the new song “Congregation.”

Has anyone been watching the Sonic Highways documentary series on HBO? If so, thoughts? I’m really anxious to watch it, just haven’t had a chance yet. Thankfully HBO GO exists.

Sonic Highways (the album) comes out on November 11th, next Tuesday.


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