Viral Vomit

Best Video Ever of the Day: A Death Metal Song about Ebola


Ebola VirusDecrepit Birth drummer Samus Paulicelli, whose entertaining videos have been keeping the MS Mansion inhabitants chuckling for months now, is back with his latest: a song (and accompanying video) about the latest viral (pun intended) rage: Ebola.

The video and song pretty much speak for themselves — don’t worry, Samus still manages to find a way to interject more fart humor here — but I think the lyrics are worth posting because, well, read them:

Diarrhea, Vomiting…Chaos
Like spreading Peanut Butter on motherf*ckin’ toast.

F*ck Humanity…You will die.
Ebola, Sweet Ebola…

Blood, Terror…F*ck
Your ark is no match for this flood.

F*ck Humanity. You will rot.
Ebola, Sweet Ebola…
Take us f*ckin’ home.

With that said, enjoy:

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