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Vocalist Ryan McCombs (SOiL, ex-Drowning Pool) Hospitalized Following Stroke

  • Axl Rosenberg

Well, this is shaping up to be a shitty week for nu-metal vocalists.

Forty-year-old Ryan McCombs, current vocalist for SOiL and former vocalist for Drowning Pool, has been hospitalized following a stroke yesterday, Monday, November 3.

McCombs himself broke the news via Facebook:

Yes’em, I have been hospitalized after having a stroke in my sleep Sunday night. Thanks to Izzi [Echo, McCombs’ girlfriend, for] making me go to the hospital Monday morning we caught it before my stupid brain made to much of a mess of me.. I’m already doing better but I’m warned it’ll be a bit of a road.. The Angry Hobbit is a stubborn prick and I believe sh*t will right itself in no time.. I mean hell, my stupid dumb right hand only made me take 15 minutes to write this…lol seriously. That’s whooping the horses booty from just last night.. In great hands here and Izzi is keeping a protective eye.. Please give me time on the messages that have been sent on this. Thanks for the well wishes.. Bright sky’s fu*kers..”

He also included this photo:

ryan mccombs stroke

So it seems like this was a minor stroke, thankfully… which makes it less shitty, sure, but shitty nonetheless.

MetalSucks finds itself in a similar position with McCombs’ stroke as it does with the passing of Wayne Static: we’re not fans of the guy’s music, but it should go without saying that we don’t wish him any bodily harm. Here’s hoping McCombs is back on his feet and performing for his fans before you can say “No not Soilwork.”

[via Metal Underground]

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