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Job for a Cowboy are Streaming Sun Eater, You Should Listen to It

  • Axl Rosenberg

Job for a Cowboy - Sun EaterI’m beyond curious to hear what the world thinks of Job for a Cowboy’s latest offering, Sun Eater. It’s no secret that the band’s sound has changed a LOT since they became a MySpace sensation, but the move from deathcore to more traditionalist death metal was far more gradual than the move from traditionalist to death metal to the melodic, proggy death-doom which defines Sun Eater. I can easily imagine the fact that the album doesn’t provide music to which one can easily mosh will alienate some fans, but I also have think that it could attract some new fans. In any case, I think it’s fucking great.

Metal Blade is now streaming Sun Eater in advance of its November 11 release. You can check it out below! Then go here to pre-order it. And expect to see it somewhere on my year-end list in December.

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