Sexcrement’s NSFW “Salt Peter” Video Will F**K Your Brain Into Oblivion

  • Axl Rosenberg

police and prostitutes on high alert“Salt Peter,” the new Victor Bonacore*-directed video from perennial MetalSucks faves, Sexcrement, was plays like a Troma movie that’s been c0-directed by David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and John Waters. To even try and describe it in any more detail would be an exercise in futility. It’s funny, it’s disturbing, it’s gross, and if it at any point makes you feel turned-on, you probably need to seek help. At least, that’s what Vince told me after the clip left with me a raging hard-on.

BONUS GAME: Can you spot Job for a Cowboy’s Al Glassman and Revocation’s Phil Dubois-Coyne? Both of them are in the clip, the latter musician allegedly in drag, but I don’t see him. Maybe his disguise is just that good? It would be really amazing if he turned out to be one of the aerobics girls.

“Salt Peter” appears on Sexcrement’s latest EP, XXX Bargin Bin Vol​. ​2, which you can both stream and purchase here.

*Funny enough, “bonacore” is what people from Boston call Sexcrement’s music.

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