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The House Of Capricorn: U Jam?



There’s a note of pride in my voice when I discuss the departure of Steve Marriott from his band the Small Faces. I explain that the band soldiered on without him (to bigger success), and that filling his spot required not one but two new members. Marriott was a powerhouse singer and a B+ guitarist, so his successors in what was renamed The Faces each took one of those duties. What an ego-boost, right? Let’s say that to our next ex-gfs: It’s been a blast, babe, but don’t be sad; someday you’ll meet another guy or two who’ll team up to help you forget all about me :)

Here in 2014, there’s a similar situation: A couple albums have paired up to fill the cavernous hole in the lives of Type O Negative devotees. For fans of singer Peter Steele’s confessional lyrics and naked emotion — the kind where you’re not sure if the singer is joking — this oddball album is a comforting listen. Right after that, a fan can hunger for Type O-style brawn, their brooding and defiant but snappy hard rock. For that vibe — just for starters anyway — let’s jam The House Of Capricorn. Crank it up below!

The House Of Capricorn’s third album Morning Star Rise is out tomorrow via Svart. Get it here

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