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Video: Watch Babymetal Perform New Song “The One” Live in London


Babymetal - "The One"

When the Babymetal show in NYC last week finally came to a close after nearly 90 scintillating minutes, the on-stage screen that had been playing videos explaining the Babymetal “story” between songs teased the following: “Metal Resistance Episode III: Coming 2015.”

Apparently 2015 is now — or at least it is in London — because Babymetal closed their London show last night with a brand new song called “The One.” A nearly five-minute video introduces the concept of the song in typically Babymetallian mythological character — future humans have become so ensconced in technology that we’re all losing our souls, and only Babymetal can save us all! — after which the three Babymetallers descend from the platform and begin the song. It’s hard to discern the music from crappy cell audio, but it sounds basically like Babymetal meets Dragonforce meets arena anthem — the whole thing sounds very triumphant, with an audience singalong in the middle. And the dance routines are quite entertaining, as always!

If anyone could save us all from our tech-induced state of hypnosis, we knew it’d be Babymetal. Thanks, guys! Seeee youuuuuuu!


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