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Fatalist (Exhumed, Uphill Battle, P.O.O.R.) Releases First New Songs in Five Years


Fatalist - Promo 2014Do you remember Fatalist? It’s cool if you don’t — honestly, I didn’t, despite the fact that the band’s founding members have both been involved with other bands I really dig: guitarist Wes Caley was in Exhumed and Uphill, while guitarist Neil Burkdoll is in P.O.O.R., who made one of 2013’s strongest grind albums. But according to a press release, the death metal outfit released one album, The Depths of Inhumanity, on Ibex Moon in 2009, but called it quits in 2012. Which is too bad, ’cause listening to Inhumanity now, it’s pretty friggin’ good! Take, for example, this song, “Frozen Epitaph”:

That’s some ill shit right there, ain’t it?

So, good news: Caley and Burkdoll are putting the band back together! And they’ve recorded a six song promo “that is being used for promotion and to send to record labels”! And those six songs are siqq! This is classic-sounding, no-bullshit death metal of the highest order, the kinda stuff which could potentially peel the flesh from your bones, and which demands a concussion-inducing level of headbanging. So now all of us suckers who didn’t know these dudes the first time around will get a second chance to support the band.

Stream Fatalist’s 2014 Promo below* — you won’t regret it. Labels interested in trying to land the band should contact them via their Facebook page. Hopefully Fatalist will be back in full force sometime in 2015.

*You can also purchase it on Bandcamp… for a hundred bucks. Don’t worry, the band isn’t insane — Bandcamp just doesn’t have a streaming-only option, so they had to charge an egregious amount to ensure no one buys it. Presumably, once they’ve found a new label home and recorded a new album, we’ll all get the chance to own these tracks for a far more reasonable price.

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