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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: November 11, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of each week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


Random Cosmic Violence (Relapse)
On a playlist with: Indian, Lycus, Samothrace
Listen Random Cosmic Violence full stream (here)

It’s hard for a band to make waves in the stagnant mire of drudgy, sludgy, modern doom we have these days. But Usnea definitely splashes around a bit. As BFF and all-around cool dude Vince Neilstein wrote: “Usnea is that rare doom band that can write cinematic, epic pieces full of drama that are ALSO memorable songs.” I couldn’t agree more.


Guiding Lights (Basick)
On a playlist with: Monuments, Uneven Structure, Fellsilent
Listen “Evolution” (here) “Patience” (here)

Imagine a really, really tame Uneven Structure. (Side note: I fuckin’ love Uneven Structure.) I can imagine Guiding Lights being, uh, too light for some tastes, but don’t discount this calm little subgenre of djent-whatever. It’s really, really moody without the complexity of TesseracT or even Vildjharta, so it’s an easy listen. The clean boy-ish vocals may be another turn-off.


Job for a Cowboy - Sun EaterJob For a Cowboy
Sun Eater (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, Beneath The Massacre
Listen Sun Eater full stream (here)

I remember when JFAC became a hit with Genesis in 2007, showing all the Lamb Of God fanboys that their favorite band was actually pretty weak. In 2014, the magic might be gone — the freshness and newness worn off — but Sun Eater is respectable. Bass players will appreciate the production. Those with time for only one, check out the penultimate track “Buried Monuments.”


Tellurian (Spinefarm)
On a playlist with: Opeth, Rishloo, Indukti
Listen “Ennui” (here) “Tabula Rasa” (here)

So if you haven’t heard, Soen was formed by ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez — and it shows! This is their first full-length release, and it involves gentle, Opeth-flavored riffage, minus some of the progression you’d expect. An album full of rockable but pinkies-out tunes.


Saille EldritchSaille
Eldritch (Code 666)
On a playlist with: Eyes Of Noctum, Vesperian Sorrow, Iskald
Listen “Eater Of Worlds” (here)

Pretty and solid. Those two words sum up Saille’s Eldritch, the newest album from a band I probably should know already. Anyway, what’s really noteworthy is the video for “Eater Of Worlds.” You know those Rise bands dropping new songs with “lyric videos” — big, dumb, block font shaking around to the tune of drops on drops on drops? Brilliantly, Saille has ported this idea over to black metal: small white font on moody black and white imagery.


Ne Obliviscaris CitadelNe Obliviscaris
Citadel (Season of Mist)
On a playlist with: Be’lakor, In Mourning, Ihsahn
Listen Citadel full stream (here)

In continuation of its long history of signing epic artists, Season of Mist is probably pretty fucking proud to present us with Citadel. One very important element to every “great” album is scope — you know, that feeling of the music being fully encompassing, cleanly and effortlessly rounding up everything you wanted to feel when listening. I can think of no album of late which masters “scope” quite like Citadel, from moving string ensembles to straight-up metal riff devastation. Listen and love!



Anatomy Of Habit Ciphers + Axioms (Relapse) listen
Arkadia Unrelenting (Inverse) listen listen
Arroganz Tod & Teufel (FDA Rekotz) listen
» Broughton’s Rules Anechoic Horizon (Relapse) listen
Cadaveric Spasm/Clit Eastwood split (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen listen listen
Carcass Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP (Nuclear Blast) listen
Crazy Lixx Crazy Lixx (Frontiers) listen
KontrustDeliverance Stay Of Execution reissue (Roxx) listen
Devilment The Great And Secret Show (Nuclear Blast) listen listen
*Downfall Of Gaia Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay (Metal Blade) listen
Foreseen HKI Helsinki Savagery (20 Buck Spin) listen
Ghost Brigade IV: One With The Storm (Season of Mist) listen
Haken Restoration EP (Inside Out) listen
Hollow Earth Silent Graves (Panic) listen listen
The House of Capricorn Morning Star Rise (Svart) listen listen listen
Lebensnacht Uudelleensyntynyt Ikuiseen PimeyteenJust Before Dawn The Aftermath (Chaos) listen
King Diamond Dreams Of Horror best (Metal Blade) listen
» Kontrust Explositive (Napalm) listen
Krokodil Nachash (Spinefarm) listen
» Lebensnacht Uudelleensyntynyt Ikuiseen Pimeyteen (Naturmacht) listen
Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds (Nuclear Blast) listen
Methedras System Subversion (Pavement) listen
Mothership Mothership II (Ripple) listen
Nangilima The Dark Matter (Xtreem) listen
Sleep-of-Monsters-Produces-Reason-e1414456513690Old Man Gloom The Ape Of God (Profound Lore) listen
Project 86 Knives To the Future (Team Black) listen listen listen
Red Enemy Red Enemy (Mediaskare) listen listen
Resistance The Seeds Within (Pavement) listen
» Sleep of Monsters Produces Reason (Svart) listen
SSS Limp.Gasp.Collapse (Prosthetic) listen
Various Artists Ragnarok Juletide (Spinefarm) listen
Vengeance Rising Released Upon the Earth reissue (Roxx) listen
Villains Freudian Slip listen
Within Temptation Enter reissue (Nuclear Blast) listen
Within Temptation
 The Dance reissue (Nuclear Blast) listen

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