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More Motivational Posters Based on Metal Lyrics


The metal motivational posters we shared yesterday from Buzzfeed stunk, that much is for certain. So we put out a call to action: could MetalSucks readers do any better?

Yes, yes, they can! The MS Mansion inbox was swarmed with your own takes on motivational posters based on metal lyric. And some of them were quite good!

They also made me realize that my knowledge of metal lyrics is really poor. Probably ties into my whole theory about metal vocalists.

But the following reader-submitted posters made me giggle. Enjoy.

The following three come from MS reader “Hank Hill:”

Behemoth - "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"
Behemoth – “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”
Opeth - "Deliverance"
Opeth – “Deliverance”
In Flames - "Take This Life"
In Flames – “Take This Life”

From Austin C.:

Whitechapel - "Vicer Exerciser"
Whitechapel – “Vicer Exerciser”
Whitechapel - "Devirginization Studies"
Whitechapel – “Devirginization Studies”

From J. George:

Evil Scarecrow - "Crabulon"
Evil Scarecrow – “Crabulon”

From Flammazine:

Morbid Angel - "God of Emptiness"
Morbid Angel – “God of Emptiness”

Kyle C.:

Rage Against the Machine - "Killing in the Name"
Rage Against the Machine – “Killing in the Name”
Korn - "Thoughtless"
Korn – “Thoughtless”

Christopher L.:

Death - "Perennial Quest"
Death – “Perennial Quest”
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