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Listen: Obituary’s Bloody Bonus Track


Obituary by Ester Segarra

Again and again, a metal head’s expectations for 2014 albums have been exceeded by a mile! It’s been a year of surprises: A pair of reunion albums that might’ve been workmanlike are incredible; a few instant classics were authored by young nobodies (with iffy bandnames); some dubious side projects have turned out to be buttfuckin amazing! Can’t wait for our upcoming MetalSucks Best Of 2015 lists! Metal rules!

Still, don’t you have a small group of albums that really haven’t grabbed you as expected? You’re not freaking, it’s probably just a matter of time before each of them clicks with you. Which is fine — but albums by these artists have never required that. Usually it’s like, click play and two seconds later we’re texting our brahs a lot of exclamation points and that boner-esque emoji of a half-peeled banana. You didn’t predict a need to be, like, working on your relationship with it.

For you, one of those albums might be Obituary’s Inked In Blood, which seems also to be working to forge a link with would-be fans and puzzled worshippers (ie. me) via a bonus track titled “Bloodsoaked.” Its awesomeness may spur you in your fight to get used to Inked‘s um interesting sonics. Crank it up below via Wondering Sound.

Obituary’s new album is Inked In Blood, out now via Relapse. Order it here

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