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Author & Punisher is Recording With Phil Anselmo, Touring in December


We all know Phil Anselmo is an excellent teacher from Metal Grasshopper, which features Phil instructing Dave Hill in the ways of being metal. And being a producer is like being a teacher in many ways, so I wonder if Author & Punisher’s experience will be at all similar. Although, since all of Tristan Shone’s “instruments” are in fact made almost entirely of metal, maybe he’ll be able to teach Phil a thing or two about metal.

The one-man industrial drone band is in Phil’s Nosferatu’s Lair recording studio as we speak, hitting various metal objects and manipulating them electronically, for a Housecore 2015 release. He will also be touring this December (wondering how that works live? It looks something like this) hopefully coming to a city near you.

Here’s what Phil has to say about A&P:

“Tristan Shone is a genius,” said Anselmo. “I’ve seen him do his thing for a few years now and toured with him. We set up a recording session for early November 2014, and his crushing of most things common in music ensued. But lo and behold, I heard him SING. And it blew me away. What now separates him from other Noise-type bands is his voice! It is an art to make excellent Noise, and it’s an art to be able to use one’s voice to its full potential. The songs we’re recording are Noisy, dismal and beautiful — an excellent combination. To not maximize his talents would be a slight to Tristan’s art. This is what we intend to do through his songs, and I’m proud to be a part of this alliance.”

Let this video of him rehearsing blow your mind:

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