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The Black Dahlia Murder Streaming Black Dahlia Friday Release, Grind ‘Em All

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Black Dahlia Murder - Grind 'Em AllI fucking hate Thanksgiving. The food is great, sure, and I feel a minimum of guilt about having the day off because my family was nowhere near this country yet when the Native Americans were just starting to learn why white people suck. But, holy fuck, I am not fond of my extended family. It’s not even a secret. All I do at Thanksgiving is get hammered and treat everyone at the table as they were John Holgado or Frankie Palmeri (and I have at least one cousin who really might be a Holgado-level of brain dead).

So this whole week fills me with dread and anxiety, and I can really use every little last shred of proverbial sunshine available to me. Which is why I am SO GRATEFUL that The Black Dahlia Murder are now streaming Grind ‘Em All, the 7″ they’re releasing for Black Friday. Sure, it’s just three songs, and it’s all covers (specifically, of songs originally by Left For Dead, Sedition and Gyga), but I just listened to it for the first time and it crushed my nuts so hard I may no be sterile. Which I mean as high praise!

Stream Grind ‘Em All below, courtesy of Exclaim. Black Friday is this Friday!

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