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Five Guitarists and Five Drummers We’d Be Happy to See Join Megadeth


megadeth replacement speculationWith the news that both guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover quit Megadeth just a few hours apart comes the inevitable speculation: “Who will replace them?” It goes without saying that Megadeth have gone through (many, MANY) line-up changes before, but it also seems worth noting that they’ve also changed multiple members between album cycles before — guitarist Jeff Young and drummer Chuck Behler both appeared on 1988’s So Far, So Good, So What?, but by the time 1990’s Rust in Peace arrived, they’d been swapped out for Marty Friedman and Nick Menza. And that actually turned out to be an improvement.

In other words: the loss of Broderick and Drover could ultimately be a positive thing for Megadeth (especially if Dave Mustaine writes something more in line with Rust and less like Super Collider)!

To that end, here are five guitarists and five drummers we’d be perfectly happy to see join ‘Deth. Add your own suggestions in the comments section below!




#1 — Marty Friedman


I think I’ll get the gig before Mustaine and Friedman will ever work together again, if for no other reason than because Friedman seems very happy being Japanese these days. But the amount of joy fans would feel if they got Friedman to come back could probably end all current wars and ensure that Man never killed his fellow Man again. Also, the description of his official website still refers to him as “the lead guitarist in Megadeth,” which is obviously a mistake, but, y’know, if this happened he wouldn’t need to bother having it fixed.

#2 — Emil Werstler


He’s an amazing guitarist, he is currently (at least as far as I know) without a band, and he has experience following an already-established group’s leader. I cringe to think of the nightmare he’d have to endure to work with Mustaine, but I smile to think of the literally millions of new fans who would discover him as a result.

#3 — Jeff Loomis

loomis and mustaine

We joked about this happening before, and we did so for a reason — once upon a time, Loomis almost did join Megadeth. But given that he just signed up for at least a year of touring with Arch Enemy, the timing is pretty much fucked.

#4 — Dave Davidson

david davidson ftw

As much as I love Revocation, I would be totally okay with this so long as a) Davidson was in charge of writing the new Megadeth album and b) Revocation opened every Megadeth show for the duration of Davidson’s time in ‘Deth, thereby (as would be the case with Werstler) exposing millions of new fans to their brilliance.

#5 — Dan Spitz


Sure, why not? He wouldn’t bring anything substantial to the fold, but it would make Megadeth’s senior fans happy, and the band would be one step closer to becoming 100% Christian rawk. Huzzah.




#1 — Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo Re-Tweets

Well, this’ll never happen. Lombardo doesn’t really need the work or attention badly enough to become Mustaine’s employee, and Mustaine can probably find a great drummer who comes with a far lower price tag. Still, this would obviously be at least potentially awesome. And if nothing else, it would be SO MUCH FUN to think about how pissed Kerry King would be…

#2 — Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison and Slipknot Part Ways

Again, this seems highly unlikely for myriad reasons… but it would definitely make people sit up and pay attention.

#3 — Jon Dette

Jon Dette

I mean, sooner or later, one of these bands has hire this dude on a full-time basis, right?

#4 — Nick Menza


Again, highly unlikely… although he did rejoin the band in 2004… for, like, a week. And the split was less-than-amicable. Still, bringing Menza back to the fold would certainly make fans happy!

And, finally, of course…

#5 — Scott Hull

Five Guitarists and Five Drummers We’d Be Happy to See Join Megadeth

No explanation required.

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