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Friday 5: The Best Of The Best Of 2014



Happy Friday, MetalSucks reader! Welcome to MetalSucks Friday 5, our awesome series that appears every Friday (duh) on MetalSucks (duhh) and involves the quantity of five (duhhh).

Here’s how it works: A list of best/worst/weirdest/whatever five somethings is posted by one of your beloved MetalSucks contributors or by one of our buds (like you?). Then you, our cherished reader, checks it out, has a chuckle, then chimes in with a list of the same. No sweat, just whatever springs to mind, k? (Just like that movie about those losers working at a Chicago record store!) After all, it’s Friday — the day dedicated by the gods to mindless, fun time-wasting. Today we give it up for the best: US!



Five Awesome Moments From MetalSucks’ Best Of 2014


Anso DFMetalSucks Senior Editor


1. Vince Neilstein on Devin Townsend Project’s Z2: Sky Blue (Hevy Devy, #2)
“[Townsend] has proven equally capable of both uber-heavy metal (Deconstruction, Z2: Dark Matters) and super-light non-metal (Casualties of Cool, Ghost), but it seems that his sweet-spot is right in between: pop-flavored metal albums that are easy to sing along to but handily more complex than anything else out there.”


2. Sammy O’Hagar on Wo-Fat’s The Conjuring (Small Stone, #14)

“If you’d told me … that one of my favorite records would be filled with hazy stoner rock and out-and-out JAMMING, I would have slapped you. Slapped you right in your goddamn mouth. Also, I would ask who you were and why you were inquiring about my year-end list for 2014.”


3. David Lee Rothmund on Inter Arma’s The Cavern (Relapse, #11)

“It’s Inter Arma’s The Cavern, it’s pretty fucking goddamn good.”


4. Dave Mustein on Job For A Cowboy’s Sun Eater (Metal Blade, #5)

“… Sounds like Racer X, Behemoth, and Gojira on the same album.”


5. Axl Rosenberg on Svffer’s Lies We Live (Vendetta/Perkoro, #15)

“Not even kidding: Svffer’s Lies We Live is the best thing to escape from Germany since my grandparents.”

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