Former Rings of Saturn Guitarist Joel Omans: “Lucas Mann is a Hack of a Musician”

Photos by Maclyn Bean
Photos by Maclyn Bean

No fans are in a greater amount of denial than Rings of Saturn fans. These people constantly give us shit for calling out Lucas Mann for his in-studio chicanery despite the fact that even former members of the band admit it’s all true and that overwhelming evidence suggests that we’re, y’know, right.

So will this vitriolic rant from Mann’s former RoS co-guitarist Joel Omans do anything to sway their opinion? Probably not, but I think everyone oughta see it anyway (screen cap here if it gets taken down):

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if Rings of Saturn was a pop band, or even some form of metal that makes no effort to conceal how heavily processed it all is (e.g., Marilyn Manson), this might not be a big deal. But it’s TECH METAL. It’s a genre built on musicianship. Fuck, the word “technical” is right there in the goddamn name! All Mann and his cohorts achieve by pretending to be virtuosos when they’re not is to lower the bar and set a bad example. They may be metal’s most glaring personification of the ways in which technology is being abused to fool the fans. It’s shameful. And you’re just letting yourself be duped if you think otherwise.

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