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Happy New Year! Here’s a New Veil of Maya Song for You!

Veil of Maya
Veil of Maya, 2/6/2012, Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. Photo by Miikka Skaffari

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your New Year’s Eve? Mine was awesome until it ended in a pile of puke. Thanks, dude who kept buying me IPAs… you scoundrel.

As announced in December, New Year’s Day brought a brand new Veil of Maya song, and as has been suspected for months, Lukas Magyar has been confirmed as the band’s new vocalist, replacing Brandon “Stage Voice” Butler. The new song is called “Phoenix” and it features lots of what you’ve come to expect from VoM — chuggy, syncopated guitars, haunting, effects-laden leads and background noises, and big old tech-y riffs. It’s not the slam dunk I keep hoping Veil of May will write, but it’s a fun song with some good riffs, an extremely moshable groove and some captivating lead work in its second half. Check it out below while we all await details on the band’s forthcoming album.

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