Mike Portnoy Implies That Neither Dream Theater Nor Avenged Sevenfold are Metal

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mike PortnoyHere’s an interesting Facebook comminqué from Mike Portnoy:

“Angel of Death” meets “Dyers Eve”?!? Well, that’s certainly intriguing! I’ll be more than a little curious to hear that whenever it gets released.

Just as interesting, though, is Portnoy’s assertion that “I FINALLY have my metal outlet!” Maybe Portnoy meant he finally has a current metal outlet — but the sentence reads like he’s saying he has his first metal outfit. Meaning that neither Dream Theater nor Avenged Sevenfold are/were metal. (Forget about The Winery Dogs — they really aren’t metal.)

To be certain, DT and A7X have straddled genres, and they both have a substantial number of songs that are definitely more straight-forward rock than metal. That being said… Portnoy also recorded songs with both that are definitely metal as fuck! “As I Am”? “Pull Me Under”? “Nightmare”? The last two minutes of “Buried Alive”? Songs don’t have to have screaming and blast beats to be metal, y’know.

Anyways. Just felt like calling Portnoy out on his poor wording. As you were.

[via Lambgoat]

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