Artist Reimagines Metal Album Covers as Jazz Record Sleeves


Here’s a fun idea I can’t believe no one has ever thought of before: Metazz is a “retro redesign of classic metal album covers” by the artist Rafael Melandi. As Decibel puts it, “It’s as if Reid Miles or S. Neil Fujita were hired [to do the album covers] instead of Larry Carroll or Derek Riggs, and the results are astounding.” Melandi doesn’t seem to be selling prints, but I would happily put one of these bad boys on my wall. They’re metal and classy, the perfect way to have normies over and not tip them off that you’re a musical deviant without feeling like you’re actively hiding something.

A few of my personal faves are below (click to enlarge); you can see all of ’em here.anthrax among the living jazz cover metallica puppets jazz cover slayer reign jazz cover pantera vulgar display jazz cover

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