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Here’s a Video of Marty Friedman Shredding at a Japanese Wrestling Event


Marty Friedman Japanese WrestlingSince Marty Friedman is back in the news lately (for what he did not say), now seems like a good time to share this video of Friedman shredding in front of thousands of people at a Japanese wrestling event.

Friedman has basically been Japanese for years now, and we know he makes celebrity cameos on a national stage regularly, but still… holy shit, that’s a huge audience! Metal Injection’s Rob Pasbani, who is a huge wrestling fan, tells me that New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the league for which this trailer is for, is Japan’s biggest league and the second biggest in the world after WWE. He also says that the wrestler who Freidman appears with here (at 0:38 and again at 0:43), Tanahashi, is currently the world champion, and his schtick is that he air guitars after he wins matches… which makes all too much sense in this context.

Also, not having been privy to Japanese wrestling before: are these guys super-badass or what?? No steel chairs, no ladders, no gimmicks… just pure, manly-man, acrobatic, old-school wrestling. Makes me regret not attending a pro wrestling match when I visited Japan last summer.

Thanks to longtime MetalSucks reader JAM for sending this in.


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