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Matt Halpern’s V-Neck Has Its Own Facebook Page


Matt Halpern's V-NeckToday in Things I’m Really Glad Exist: one zealous Periphery fan has made a Facebook page devoted to drummer Matt Halpern’s most famous item of clothing, the V-neck. And that Facebook page has collected over 7,000 likes to date.

This makes me happy to no end. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Halpern not in a V-neck. When I picture Matt Halpern’s bedroom in my mind, I imagine that scene in The Simpsons where Homer opens his closet and it’s a solid row of white t-shirts and blue pants, only in Halpern’s case it’s full of heather grey V-necks (all perfectly ironed and dangling from hangers, naturally) and a shelf full of beanies and baseball caps.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Whoever’s behind Matt Halpern’s V-Neck is a man (or woman, but let’s be honest, this is Periphery… a man) after our own hearts, and has filled the page with silly Photoshops like the one above (which we swear wasn’t made by Axl Rosenberg). He’s also clearly a huge Periphery fan and means no harm, as he posts about pretty much everything the band does. Halpern himself has seen the page and thinks it’s hilarious.

Go on and like Matt Halpern’s V-Neck now. You won’t be sorry. The V thanks you.

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