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Ghost Bath Love the Moon on “Golden Number”


ghost bath - moonloverI had never heard of China’s Ghost Bath until about an hour ago, but I plan to spend a lot of time getting to know them better just as soon as I can: their newly-released “Golden Number,” the debut single from the forthcoming Moonlover, is friggin’ SPECTACULAR. Like the lovechild of Celeste and Buried Inside, the song is somehow depressing and uplifting, epic and intimate, and beautiful and ugly, all at the same time. And even at 9+ minutes, it goes through enough shifts to keep the listener on his toes. Like, when the song begins, you probably won’t think [SPOILER ALERT!] that it’s going to end with a two minute piano solo… and yet, when that piano solo arrives, it just feels so right.

Also worth noting: I’m 99% percent sure that even though the track has vocals, it has no lyrics. Meaning Ghost Bath have foregone trying to use screaming as a system via which to deliver a message, and embraced it simply as another instrument contributing the song — which I think is the way most metal fans experience it anyhow. So forward-thinking!!!

Stream “Golden Number” below. Ghost Bath’s Moonlover comes out March 17 on Northern Silence.

[via Stereogum]

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