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Albums That Will #$@&%*! Your Face Off in 2015: Organ Dealer, TBD

  • Sammy O'Hagar

organ dealer f your face off 2015Organ Dealer
Release Date – ???

Who doesn’t love some vicious-ass grindcore? Not the twitchy, almost unsettlingly fast (and admittedly brilliant) type preferred by Gridlink, nor the nanoseconds of scatological chuckling favored by Anal Cunt, nor the fleshed-out riff ‘n’ grind of Necroticism-era Carcass. The stuff that’s big, chunky, and fucking fast, like Rotten Sound being forced through a meat grinder. The stuff that’s not afraid to be groovy when absolutely necessary, but doesn’t pander to the monosyllabic Emmure crowd, but just… well, people who love grindcore.

For the uninitiated, Organ Dealer specializes in that kind of grind.

They’re pretty new, having only a demo (available for free on their Bandcamp page) so far. But maaaaan… even in the little over two minutes it lasts, you’re likely to stop what you’re doing and loudly ask, “The fuck was that??” It doesn’t take much to play fast and throw a bone to knuckleheaded hardcore kids every now and again. But it takes a lot to have that dervish stick with you.

The band claims to have a full-length put together, which hopefully breaks the ten-minute mark. Consider this: Organ Dealer grabbed and held on to my attention with less than 3 minutes of music. Their record’s gonna fucking slay you and your family.

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