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Albums That Will #[email protected]&%*! Your Face Off in 2015


albums that will f your face off in 2015With 2014 now officially more over than the use of Rage Against the Machine lyrics in Arizona school curriculums, it’s time for MetalSucks’ sixth annual new year preview — Albums That Will #[email protected]&%*! Your Face Off! As with previous years, we won’t be spotlighting all the great releases coming out this year, and we won’t be spotlighting any releases by better-known bands; the way we see it, you already know that groups like Slayer, Enslaved, and Periphery are scheduled to release new album this year, and there’s nothing we can really tell you about those releases that either a) we haven’t already told you or b) you couldn’t read in any other number of places.

So instead, various inhabitants of the MetalSucks Mansion will post short write-ups spotlighting albums by bands that, even if they aren’t exactly new or unknown, haven’t yet had their break-out release. We believe these albums could be those break-outs.

Look for these posts throughout the week. We hope you enjoy ‘em!

-Axl, Vince, and and Everyone at MetalSucks

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