Here’s Footage of David Lee Roth and Foo Fighters Performing Van Halen Songs


On Saturday night my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds were all completely bombarded with fan commentary from Foo Fighters’ one-off performance at The Forum in Los Angeles — it seemed like everyone I know was there. And, if you live in LA, why wouldn’t you be? The show was announced just this past Wednesday as a celebration for Dave Grohl’s 46th birthday, and continues on Grohl’s ongoing fantasy quest to collaborate in some way with EVERY SINGLE ONE of his musical heroes. Here’s the setlist, with the star-studded roster of special guests noted on the right:

Foo Fighters setlistHoly crap, amirite??

Being the Van Halen fanboy that I am, my eyes immediately gravitated towards that last bit — Foos with DLR, that sounds dreamy! And from the looks of the footage that’s surfaced of the event, dreamy it was: DLR is in top, hammy form, leg kicks and all, and as a 60-year-old is in better shape than most 30-year-olds I know. Speaking of 30-year-olds, DLR’s new look is reminiscent of one; he’s finally given up the ghost on his hair and gone full shaved-dome, and he’s covered his entire torso with a gigantic tattoo. Sure, he basically sounds like crap and seems to struggle with staying in time quite a bit, but who cares? DLR was always more an entertainer than a singer, and the Birthday Boy grin on Grohl’s face is just classic. Here’s “Panama” and “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love,” with a hilarious interlude in between during which Dave has an Alzheimer’s moment and introduces the wrong song:

[via Metal Insider]


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