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Jarboe Collaborates with Heavy Metal Cellist Helen Money on New EP


Helen MoneyDoom-flavored, experimental cellist Helen Money’s opening gig for Author & Punisher was definitely one of the stranger sets I’ve seen recently, but it was also one of the most captivating. The idea of a solo artist sampling oneself and playing over top of it isn’t new, but Money’s dark, hypnotic approach on the cello certainly is. Further, it was a head-trip to hear such twisted, morose sounds emanating from someone so seemingly demure. I did not have the opportunity to meet Ms. Money at the show, but I would certainly relish a chance to pick her brain a bit the next time she comes around these parts.

So: Money’s streak of high-profile metal collaborations continues (in the past she’s worked with Anthrax, Russian Circles, Shellac, and, uh, Disturbed) with a new album that’ll come out this February, this time with ex-Swans singer Jarboe as an equal partner. I’m really into both of the tracks that have been released so far [via Bandcamp]; it had never occurred to me before that Money’s music could use vocals, but hearing them here now makes me think her music could’ve been all that much stronger the whole time with a human voice involved. Jarboe’s angular but smooth timbre perfectly matches Money’s cello attack, and the results are enthralling.

Those who attend a UK-exclusive concert at Café Oto in London, on Friday, 13 February (tickets), will be able to pick up the EP (simply titled Jarboe & Helen Money) for the first time. Stream the two tracks released thus far below.

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