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Some Band Re-Recorded Metallica’s St. Anger


st anger re-recordingThroughout all the disturbing turbulence the world has experienced over the past few months — terrorism, police brutality, cyber war, another Night at the Museum movie, etc. — it seems like everyone has been able to agree on one thing: what the world needs now is more St. Anger.

To that end, some guys from some bands you’ve most likely never heard of, Grace the Skies and Adust, have now re-recorded the album in its entirety!

The good news is, their production is about a gabjillion times better than the production on the original St. Anger.

The bad news is, they didn’t change any of the lyrics, they do a dead-on impersonation of James Hetfield’s horrendous honky tonk vocals, and while they shortened the album by fifteen minutes, it still feels about fifty-seven minutes too long. As I’ve said before: there actually are some decent riffs on St. Anger, but they needed to be reworked in more ways than one. In other words, some snips here and there and a drum sound that doesn’t induce migraines alone will still only help St. Anger so much.

And the really bad news is, Grace the Skies and Adust and will now be known pretty much exclusively as “those bands that re-recorded St. Anger.” Is that really better than not being known at all?

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about this.


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