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HatePoland’s least SEO-friendly blackened death metal band, Hate, will release their ninth (!) album, Crusade: Zero, on February 10th via Napalm Records (order here). Every time I’ve listened to Hate I’ve dug them quite a bit, and the one time I saw them play live in NYC a couple of years back they CRUSHED. So how come this band doesn’t get the widespread attention they deserve? Maybe because there’s another band from the same country as them with a very similar sound, superficial as that may seem? Maybe the aforementioned generic band-name issue? (Although these guys have certainly been around for a long enough time, and that issue didn’t seem to plague Death or countless other bands.) In any case, I’m as guilty as anyone (Hate coverage on MS has been lackluster at best), so that changes starting… NOW. Hopefully this article’s headline will help goose their SEO a bit.

Here’s Hate’s new music video, released last week via The Deciblog. Take a look and a listen and see what you think, but it’s really hard for me to imagine that anyone’s not gonna love this. The riffs are meaty, the grooves are deep, the vibe is evil… it’s everything you want. Definitely looking forward to hearing Crusade: Zero in full. Dig it:

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