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Exclusive Track Premiere: Arcane’s “Keeping Stone – Sound on Fire”


Arcane - Known:Learned

First, the bad news: today is Tuesday, January 20, in case ya didn’t know, which means your three-day weekend is now over. BUMMER!

Now, the GREAT news: today is Tuesday, January 20, which means today is the day that Australia’s Arcane release their epic double-album, Known/Learned, on Sensory Records!

What’s that, you say? You’re not familiar with Arcane? You don’t know why this news is exciting? Us telling you that the band sounds like Tool if Tool were heavily influenced but the European melodic metal scene of the past twenty years or so isn’t enough to get you excited?

Well, fine — please, allow us to enlighten you with a track premiere of the band’s “Keeping Stone – Sound on Fire,” the seventh track from the first half of Known/Learned. We’d describe the song as “cinematic,” “moody,” and “textured,” but, really, the music speaks for itself: we predict you’ll be looking for a Known/Learned order link by minute three. So we’ll provide ’em for you: physical, digital. You’re welcome!

Turn your speakers way, way, WAY up, and blow your brains out with “Keeping Stone – Sound on Fire.” Then we can all be on the same page about how awesome Arcane are the next time their name comes up!

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