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KISS + Momoiro Clover Z Release Collaboration; Still Inferior to Babymetal

  • Axl Rosenberg

kiss and morimo clover zI’m not nearly as familiar with Japanese pop sensation Momoiro Clover Z as I am with Babymetal, although I do know that they’ve collaborated with Marty Friedman in the past. So we can assume that they’re usually pretty good.

That being said… this new collaboration with KISS (I have no idea what it’s called because I do not speak Japanese) doesn’t make much an impression on me. It’s not bad, or anything, but Babymetal makes me feel like I just snorted cocaine laced with LSD, and this just sounds like Paul Stanley wrote a fairly standard pop-rock song, and then some Japanese girls came in and laid down vocals over it. Which is, y’know. What happened.

ANYWAY, you can jam the track below if you so please. Then discuss its quality in our comments section. Also worth discussing: has Gene Simmons hit on these poor young things yet? I’d wager good money that he has…

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