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Stream Disc 2 of Periphery’s Double-Album Juggernaut Release, Omega


Periphery - Juggernaut Omega LargeNew MetalSucks staffers are often taken aback by the sheer volume of vitriol directed their way in our comments section, at which point we always have to remind them the comments section, entertaining though it may be, isn’t actually indicative of anything, and represent a very, very small fraction of our readership (that is, the readers who visit this site every day and don’t leave comments outnumber the readers who visit this site every day and do leave comments by a LOT).

To wit: if you looked at the comments under MetalSucks’ official 4.5 out of 5 horns review of Periphery’s double-album behemoth Juggernaut, you’d think that Periphery were the most hated band in all of modern metal. But that’s clearly bullshit! I haven’t been to a Periphery headlining show that wasn’t sold since Chris Barretto was in the band, and readers flock to Periphery stories on MetalSucks like flies to shit. Clearly, this band is very popular… and rightfully so! Leave as many hateful comments on MS as you like. No one is buying what you’re selling, dickweeds.

For the rest of us, who aren’t totally dingleberries: following Monday’s stream of Alpha, the first of Periphery’s upcoming dual Juggernaut releases, Periphery are now streaming the second of those releases, Omega! You can listen to it below. Huzzah!

Both Juggernauts come out January 27 on Sumerian. Pre-order ’em here!

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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