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Pryti: U Jam?



In 2012 arrived Florida’s Look Right Penny, a pop-prog metal quintet like Protest The Hero fronted by a female super-singer. A lot of credit is due to the songs and performances on their debut album (and only album) Sugar Lane, but in a small way, timing was on their side too. For some listeners, PTH-style whiny vocals suddenly seemed more relatable coming from a female singer. Other LRP fans told me the opposite, ie. that they arrived at the prog-metal genre for the first time via their love of powerhouse pop singers. One little innovation to the genre, such modestly grand results.

Likewise, if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the dramatic and eminently lampoon-able chirpings of Deftones singer Chino Moreno or if you are seeking an entry-point to the world of pop doom metal, then maybe Pryti is your jam. Not all parts work on her new jams “Abyss” (here) and “Insomnia” (below), but you can predict that evens out over the course of her album Tales Of A Melancholic, again, just via compelling aesthetic. U jam?

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