The Dude from Zeroking May be the Finest Lyricist in the History of Metal

  • Axl Rosenberg

zerokingAn anonymous reader sent us this video for a song called “Dead Rockstar” by some West Virginia band called Zeroking, promising that we would “not be disappointed” by this “shitty band.” And truth be told, yeah, the video is shitty, and yeah, the music is shitty, but neither is shitty in a way I’d call “special.”

The LYRICS, on the other hand… oh, this sweet, sweet poetry! Here’s a sample:

We’re coming back again
This time I think I’ll stay
Be an inspiration
Like Prince or John Lennon
I’m a sexy, revolutionary motherfucker
With a head for games
And a great imagination

I really like the first part because not only is it immodest, but it makes no fucking sense — where are they coming back from “again”? I’ve never heard of this dudes, and a Google search of their members does not suggest any of them have ever been in noteworthy bands before. But, hey, I’m glad they’ve decided to stay!

But I like the second part even more. It reads like an online dating profile for some dude who will never get his messages returned, ever.

Here are the yuks:

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