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Listen: Call Of The Void’s Third New Ageless Track Rips


Call of the Void - Ageless

The tragedy of rock radio’s decline is summed up in one word: discovery. It fell to radio to hip listeners to new bands and new jams; but now its playlists have more in common with a jukebox. No more new finds and sight-unseen infatuations. The up side of that bummer is that MetalSucks and our ilk get to scoop up the dropped ball and dunk it like Russell Westbrook on PCP. That is, just like FM’s passionate, music-loving DJs of the ’70s, we listen to everything and deliver to you all the stuff that tripped our jam trigger. We pick peaches and cart them to your nose for a sniff.

In that spirit, MS premiered an awesome track by Call Of The Void right before New Year’s. Titled “R.I.S.” (posited by our Axl Rosenberg to represent “Red Itchy Sack”), that rager is topped only by their new premiere “Ageless” (below, via Lambgoat) — but both feed into the river of extreme metal as it now winds through increasingly catchy territories. Sorry about that mixed metaphor. Happy Friday!!

Call Of The Void’s Ageless is out February 10 via Relapse. Here’s the first Ageless track. Pre-order here. And don’t forget: Call of the Void and Enabler would be heading out on a MetalSucks-sponsored tour together next month! Get dates here!!!

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