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BREAKING: HIM’s Drummer Was Named “Gas Lipstick”

  • Axl Rosenberg

5B221371-CAD1-46BA-9D6C04B1861E56F5HIM have parted ways with drummer Gas Lipstick, apparently on amicable terms. Okay. Shit happens. I don’t really care about that.

What I DO care about is the fact that HIM’s now-former-drummer was named Gas Lipstick.

I understand this isn’t really news to a lot of people, because the dude has been in HIM (he said “been in him,” huh-huh-huh) for sixteen years. But for some of us — like me! — it is news, and I don’t think you can blame us: HIM are definitely one of those bands where most fans can only readily identify one member of the band. And that member was not Gas Lipstick.

Forget that the name Gas Lipstick doesn’t make a whole lotta sense (gasoline is a liquid, gas is, well, a gas — either way, I dunno how you make a lipstick out of it, or what the appeal of having a gasoline- or fart-flavored substance on your lips would be). What’s really far out about this dude is the way he looks. Because when you hear there’s a drummer who calls himself “Gas Lipstick,” you picture a guy who looks like this:gas lipstick as you would imagine himBut the real Gas Lipstick looks like this:the real gas lipstickAnd that dude doesn’t look like his name should be Gas Lipstick! It looks like it should be, I dunno, Maury Forfenheimer or something. I mean, his real name is apparently Mika Karppinen, and that still doesn’t seem right to me.

So anyway, this dude isn’t in the band anymore. I heard a rumor he’s being replaced by a drummer named Plasma Eyeshadow, but haven’t been able to confirm.

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